Hiking: Twin Mountain Bushwhack | Catskill Mountains | 5/24/09

There are a number of old roads that traverse the area to the west of Jimmy Dolan Notch in front of Twin Mountain along the Devil's Path Range. These go to old farms and quarries and make for an interesting walk in that area in front of the mountain.

We decided to follow one of the lower roads from where it crosses the Devil's Path above Prediger Road and visited the old farm that has been growing over for probably close to a century. You can just make out the outlines of the buildings and if you go up along the stream that runs through the old farm, you can find some metal pipe at a spring along the stream's edge that used to supply water for the farm.

From here we bushwhacked up the creek to find what we've always called the High Bridge Road. This road crosses the Jimmy Dolan Notch Trail just it's rerouted away from it's original route. The trail then cuts across to front of Twin and crosses that same stream that runs through the farm further downstream on what must have been quite the high bridge. The stream is in a gorge that's probably about 50 feet or so deep and where the road crosses, a waterfall plunges down through the gorge just upstream.

Since we had bushwhacked up from the farm to the High Bridge, we headed back east to the Jimmy Dolan Notch Trail and then headed back down the trail to Prediger Road. All in all it was probably a 2 to 3 mile trip and wasn't anything difficult, but it was interesting to explore the area and I always enjoy getting out in that area.

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