Review: Painters of the Wilderness - American Wilderness: The Story of the Hudson River School of Painting

The Hudson River School of Painting was America's first native school of art. The artists, starting with Thomas Cole created new styles of landscape paintings to capture the wild and natural settings in our country. The work started in the Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains of New York and the artists spread out from there across the country and around the world.

American Wilderness, The story of the Hudson River School of Painting is the story of the artists, their works of art and the world that they lived and painted in. The book is richly illustrated with prints of many of the most famous paintings, including Kaaterskill Falls by Thomas Cole and Kindred Spirits by Asher Durand.

Having grown up in the Catskills and having seen some of the artwork in various exhibits and presentations, I've always enjoyed the art of the Hudson River School of Painting, if only because I can recognize the locations of many of the paintings.