Walking: Cedariver Reservation | Millis, Massachusetts | 1/9/11

I was actually heading to Noon Hill to take the dog on a longer walk this past Saturday when I saw the sign for the Cedariver Reservation on my way there.  I figured it was worth a stop since we had passed it a few times and wondered exactly what this fairly new Reservation from the Trustees of Reservations offered.

Turns out to be a well rounded 55 acres area that offers walking, cross country skiing, boat access and sledding on a nice open hill when the snow conditions are right.  There is a loop trail of about a mile in length that goes around the entire property.  Half of it follows almost along the bank of the Charles River, the other portion cuts through the woods.

Maisy and I headed out on the loop trail from the parking area.  The trails heads over to the river, then cuts along the property along the river.  It crosses a large field that has a great sledding hill.  Then goes back down to the river, comes back up and then heads into the woods on the backside of the property.  The trail comes out on the other side of the road from the parking lot.

We spent about and a half wandering around taking our time on the loop, taking the side trails and wandering down along the river.

Turns out to be a nice place to take the dog for a quick walk.

Cedriver Reservation