Dog walk in the Catskills - 3/26/2011

This afternoon will be a bigger walk over in the Western Catskills, but yesterday I spent about an hour checking out one of the seasonal roads over here to see just how close to it is to opening up. Even though we've got about 16 inches of snow in most places (more in the woods), the road is on the southern side of the clove and for the most part, looks snow free so it should be usable soon.

Maisy enjoyed the walk down and along the road and then back up. Couldn't ask for a clearer day. The mountains were all crisp and the view out into the Hudson Valley was very good without much haze.


Maisy had other ideas than smiling for the camera though.

Another good day today, so this afternoon's hike should be good.


  1. Still love your hiking stories/photos and blog! If you ever get to MN, we'll take you to Tetteguche State Park and the Superior Hiking Trail. North Shore of Lake Superior is beautiful.

  2. Sounds great! I've always wanted to get out that way for some hiking and some canoe trips.


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