Platte Clove Preserve Trail - Catskill Mountains, NY - 5/22/11

Another work related hike, but it was a good chance to get the Maisy out for a hike since she's been cooped up with all the bad weather we've been having (and continue to have).  While it wasn't great hiking weather (50s, pea soup fog and drizzle), I did need to get out there to scout for some trail work that I'll be organizing in the near future.

The trail starts from a small parking area alongside Platte Clove Road at the Platte Clove Preserve (a larger lot is located just to the east on Platte Clove Road - head east about 2 tenths of a mile and turn onto the dirt road with the trailhead sign.  Just up the hill is a large lot with plenty of parking) and drops down to Plattekill Creek and crosses it on a replica of the kingspost bridge that the original, Overlook Road used.  This smaller sized replica was built by volunteers from the NYNJ Trail Conference several years ago.

The trail from the bridge climbs the hill steadily as its makes its way around small streams and through the dense hemlock forest.  It passes a few small bluestone quarries before rejoining with the original Overlook Road, where it quickly crosses into the State Forest Preserve lands.  From there, the trail continues to an intersection with the trail from the Prediger Road trailhead and just beyond is another intersection, this time with the Indian Head Trail.  The Devil's Kitchen Lean-to is just beyond that intersection.

We only walked to the intersection with the old road, which was about a half of a mile.  Maisy enjoyed the fresh air and I was able to scout out some trail improvements that will get done this summer.

Trip Details
NYNJTC Catskill Trails Map #141
Mileage - about half a mile

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