Review: Catskill Mountain Guide from AMC

AMC Catskill Mountain Guide, 2nd: AMC's Comprehensive Guide to Hiking Trails in the Catskills (Appalachian Mountain Club)If you already have the Catskill Trails Map Set from the NYNJTC and now you're looking for a good guidebook for the region, I'd recommend checking out the Appalachian Mountain Club's Catskill Mountain Guide.  This concise and to the point book provides trail descriptions for almost every trail in the region.

A nice thing that I like about the entire line of AMC guidebooks is that focus on trail descriptions and the fact that the book itself is small enough to easily pack and carry.  Now I don't always carry this book with me, but where I'll be covering multiple trails in areas I'm not familiar with, I will carry it just so I have a reference in addition to the maps that I carry.