Batavia Kill Stream Festival

Spent Saturday at the Batavia Kill Stream Festival representing.  Was a good time, though I wish the rain would have held off longer.  We were really starting to build some crowds and then the heavens opened up and people just drifted away.  That said, the sun was out in the morning, so I can't complain and I was able to do plenty of outreach and have a good time and even with the rain, there were plenty of people there.

A few hikes planned in the near future.  One of these days I've got to get over Overlook to check out trail conditions in a few wet areas.  Then I've got to get over to the Western Catskills and check out the Hodge Pond Trail.  There are a few other hikes in there too.

Lately though it's just been too hot and too humid to do much in the mountains.  Probably one of the constantly hottest summers I can remember in the mountains.  We even broken down and got an air conditioner for our place, which is the first a/c we've ever had up there, just to take the bite out of the really humid nights that we've been having.

Of course there's no such thing as climate change though...

So hopefully, more hike write ups coming soon!  Definitely a lot more coming this Fall!