News: Catskill Mountains - Elm Ridge Lean-to Incident - Hikers threatened by lean-to occupants

Both the New York New Jersey Trail Conference and the Watershed Post are running a story about an incident this past Friday night (December 2nd) at the Elm Ridge Lean-to located near the Town of Windham just off the Escarpment Trail.

A group of hikers affiliated with the Hudson Valley Hikers Group arrived late at the Elm Ridge Lean-to where they found it closed off with plastic and occupied by another group who appeared to be hunters.  It's reported that the occupants refused to allow the hikers to use the lean-to and then assaulted them and threatened them with a gun to get them to leave.  It's also reported that the occupants followed the hikers down the Elm Ridge Trail to the Peck Road Trailhead and followed them by car after they left.  The hikers report that they called the NYSDEC, who intercepted them and the lean-to occupants who were following them.  Both NYSDEC and the Greene County Sheriff's office responded and charges have been filed.

The stories can be found here:

One reason I tend to avoid hiking or camping during Hunting Season and would have probably just stayed away from the lean-to if I had seen it like this.  It's never good to argue with someone who's got a gun.  That said, these lean-tos are provided as first-come, first-serve and can hold up to eight people usually, which meant there was plenty of room in the lean-to.

We'll follow up as more details become available.