Review: National Geographic Trails Illustrated Catskill Park Map

National Geographic has recently released a new map for the Catskill Park in their Trails Illustrated map set.  This map covers most of the Catskill Region with information on hiking, fishing and other outdoor recreational activities.  The scale is pretty small so some details are lost in order to provide coverage of the entire park.  The map itself is made from waterproof, tear-resistant material and seems to hold up to regular use without much problem.

Based on my prior experience with the Trails Illustrated maps, I expected a map of the Catskills that provided a good overview of the park, but that might be lacking some details.  That is what I have found with this map.  It is a great map for trip planning and road travel, but for trail travel, the scale is just too small and the map too big to make it much of a map that you would take hiking with you.