Review: Dahlgren Alpaca Men's Light Hiking Socks

Pros: Warm, snug, comfortable, wick away moisture
Cons: Expensive

It is rare that I find a pair of socks that I really like to wear for hiking, however when I first put on the Dahlgren Alpaca Men's Light Hiking Socks, I knew I had found a special pair of socks.  They feel amazing, fit comfortably and even if they get damp, still work well as a hiking sock.

The socks are a mix of alpaca, wool and nylon fabrics, which give the socks a very soft fit around your feet.  I have found them to be great socks for wearing while hiking and to use as a regular pair of socks, especially on colder days, as the material, while breathable, provides more insulation that your standard sock.

Dahlgren Alpaca Light Hiking Socks Basics 

Dahlgren’s Light Hiking Socks are a mix of alpaca, wool and different kinds of nylon.  The nylon includes standard nylon fabric, but also the Eco-Spun material, which helps wick moisture away from your feet and through the sock.  That material is blended in at specific points to maximize its ability to keep your feet dry.  The sock also provides more cushioning than a traditional cotton sock.


I have had plenty of hiking socks over the years so I did not expect anything special when I put on the Light Hiking Socks from Dahlgren, but as I put them on, they did feel a lot better than most hiking socks I have worn.

 My first experience with these socks was using them to replace a pair cotton socks I had been wearing while doing a quick snowshoe that had gotten damp.  I received the socks from a friend that I was snowshoeing with who owns an outdoor gear store so that I would not have to drive home with wet feet.  What a difference these socks made.  As I slipped them on my damp feet, the socks felt snug, warm and very comfortable.  I drove home without cold feet.

Since then I have worn these socks on several different hikes and used them as regular socks on days when my sock drawer has been a bit low.  For hiking these socks are great.  The extra cushioning gives your feet a little bit of extra protection for long walks.  The snugness of the socks helps avoid blisters or irritation.  The mix of the fabrics really does a great job at keeping your feet comfortable and dry.  Even when wearing them instead of traditional socks for a day, these socks do a good job.  
These are not inexpensive socks.  They seem to average about $17 a pair.  My pair was complimentary, but I would consider investing in another pair as some of my other hiking socks wear out.  These socks are definitely more comfortable and better fitting than other pairs that I own.

Final Thoughts 

While these socks do carry a price premium, for what you get, I think the sock is well worth it.  They are well made, durable and most importantly, comfortable.  I like how snug they are and how the alpaca and wool fabrics really make them feel warm and soft when you wear them.  The wicking ability of the nylon fabrics is also great, as the socks do keep your feet from getting damp.

If you are looking for hiking socks, I would definitely recommend that you check out the Light Hiking Socks from Dahlgren.


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