New Hiking Boots

I think the lifespan of my most recent pair of hiking boots is coming to a close and that is a shame since they have been the most comfortable pair of boots that I think I have had.  I kind of stumbled on to them while I was visiting the LL Bean factory outlet in Freeport, ME a few years back.  They were the leather/fabric mixed hiking boots and after trying them on and walking around for a bit, I got them.  Amazed by the deal at the outlet and amazed that I found a pair of boots that comfortable.

I've been wearing them and keeping them up and going for several seasons, but this year my annual waterproofing doesn't seem to be working and I'm starting to really get some serious wear and tear issues.

I looked at LL Bean's recent offerings and they do not make this same kind of boot any longer.  That's a shame, I would have gotten a new pair without even thinking twice.

Instead, I'm on the hunt for a new pair of mid-weight hiking boots.  I have a pair of lightweight, but for most of my hikes beyond a mile or two, I like the support of the mid-weight boot.  Plus I just find them to be more useful than a lightweight boot and they tend to last longer.

I have a few ideas of what I will be trying on and checking out, but what is your favorite boot and why? 

Yes, I will be taking my own advice from Hiking Boot Shopping 101, but just curious to see what others think.