News: Trail News in the Catskill Mountains

It's been a busy spring and early summer in the Catskills with a number of exciting things happening on the trails and in the communities.

Almost 3 dozen new miles of trail are available for adoption by Trail Maintainers.  Check out the Trail Conference's Catskill Program Page for links to all the volunteer positions that are available.

Construction of a new 7 mile trail has started.  The Long Path will be climbing Romer Mountain from the village of Phoenicia and then heading along a ridge over Cross Mountain and Mount Pleasant, before connecting to the existing Terrace Mountain Trail at the Terrace Mountain Lean-to.  Trail Crew work trips are scheduled for the rest of June and all the way through July.  Initial work involves clearing, but future work will include stonework, waterbars and plenty of sidehilling as we make our way up to Romer.  Later this season we'll be working the remaining mileage on the ridge.  The Trail Conference's Trail Crew schedule includes all of the Romer Mountain trips.  Some photos of the work are available on their Facebook page.

Love the iconic lean-tos of the Catskill Park?  There is a free workshop being held on June 30th to educate the public about these lean-tos and the work that the Trail Conference puts into the maintenance and preservation of these structures.  Open to the public and free to register!

The Central Catskills Great Outdoors Experience will be held the last weekend of August with hikes, bikes, street festivals and more.

Planning has started for the 9th annual Lark in the Park, this year being held from September 29th through October 8th.  This festival celebrates the Catskill Park with hikes, bikes, kayaking, speaking events and more.