Review: Nalgene Wide Mouth Loop Top Lid

While it has not happened very frequently, over the years, I have managed to bust a couple of the loop top lids that go on top of my wide-mouth Nalgene bottles. For me, it has been the loop strap itself and not the cap that breaks. When that loop strap breaks, your lid is no longer attached to the water bottle and it opens up the possibility that you will lose the lid somewhere along the line (at least I know I would).

That is where the Nalgene Wide Mouth Loop Top Lid comes in. This lid replaces the lid that came with the original Nalgene bottle and since it is a Nalgene replacement product, you know it will probably fit on your old water bottle.

There really is not that much to this product. It is a replacement cap and loop strap if you break the lid or the loop strap of your original water bottle from Nalgene. The lower ring fits around the neck of the water bottle (below the threads) and then the upper cap screws on to the water bottle just like your original lid did. The loop straps connects the two so your cap is always attached to your water bottle.

Need for this product

Out of the many Nalgene wide-mouth water bottles, I think I have only had the loop strap break on two lids over the years. In both of those cases, I ended up purchasing the replacement Loop Top Lid since once the lid was loose, I had a heck of a time not losing it. The replacement lid is only a few bucks and it was worth the money since the Nalgene bottles themselves are practically indestructible.

Final Thoughts

If you have a Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle and you have broken the lid itself or the strap that holds it to the bottle has broken, get yourself the Wide Mouth Loop Top Lid to replace the broken lid. I have found them easy to install and as good as the originals when it comes to overall quality. Plus without that strap, it is so much easier to lose lid that I found it to be worth the money and effort the buy and put on the replacement Loop Top Lid.

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