Hiking: Appalachian Trail on Bear Mountain | Bear Mountain State Park, New York | April 9, 2013

Field days at work are always good.  Last week it was a hike around High Point in NJ and this Tuesday it was a hike up the Appalachian Trail from the Bear Mountain Inn to our tool cache about 2/3 of the way up the mountain. Once there we cleaned out the tool shed, cleaned all the tools, inventoried everything, tossed worn out equipment and then put it all back so that it was clean and well organized for our trail crews and trail workshops that are coming up soon on the mountain.

In addition, I finally got to see the results of the hard work that the Trail Conference has been putting into the Appalachian Trail on Bear Mountain.  Currently, from the Inn up to 1st road crossing on the mountain, the AT has been relocated and reconstructed in a manner that creates a sustainable trail that can handle the hundreds of thousands of hikers it gets every year.  The work is simply stunning and if you have not yet hiked the AT or did a while ago, you need to go back to Bear Mountain and see this work.  It really is a work of (trail) art.

Visit the Trail Conference's Trail U page to learn how you can get involved with this project.

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The Trail Conference publishes the Harriman Bear Mountain Trails Map Set.