Hiking: Exploring Sterling Forest State Park, New York | April 18, 2013

Spent the better part of the day yesterday checking out trails and potential trails in Sterling Forest State Park.  Had never really spent much time in the area and enjoyed myself.  Lots of interesting areas.  Especially enjoyed the trail scouting around a wetland.  Was a hemlock wetland and with the areas rocky geology, very cool how the wetlands form between the ridges.  Makes it very picturesque and would be a great hike with family to check out all the wetland plants and creatures.

One thing to note is that this area is prime deer tick and your standard dog tick habitat.  The deer tick carries Lyme Disease so it is very important that you take proper precautions (pants into socks, DEET applied to clothing, body inspections after your hike).  After spending about 6 hours in the woods, I ended up removing at least 8 ticks from my clothing and from my skin where they had gone up a sleeve without me noticing.

This summer there is going to be a lot of exciting work happening at Sterling Forest with trail crews working on rehabilitating numerous trails and constructing new trails.

For more information on hiking in Sterling Forest State Park

The Trail Conference publishes the Sterling Forest Trails map which shows all of the trails in Sterling Forest State Park.  National Geographic also publishes a map set that includes Sterling Forest State Park.


  1. Hi, I recently did the Sterling Forest hike and had to remove a tick from my leg when I got home. Can you please update if anything serious happened with your tick bite? Im worried :(

  2. Thankfully it seemed that I removed the tick quick enough and didn't have any follow up problems. If you notice a rash around the bite sight or are experiencing flu like symptoms, I would suggest going to your Doctor and letting them know you were bitten by a tick. They can run a test for lyme disease.


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