Hiking: 2nd Resupply hike for Backcountry Trail Crew building new section of Long Path on Romer, Pleasant and Cross Mountains | Catskill Mountains, NY | June 6, 2013

Taking a break from step building
This second hike up to the backcountry Trail Crew's base camp was much the same as the one I had taken
earlier, except that this time I hike further out along the ridge and down to a spot where one of our crews was working on a major trail building project.  The crew split into two groups, the 1st group were focusing on one area where the trail descends through a series of ledges and were working on that, while the second crew would set off each day to cut and open up more trail further north along the ridge where the only work needed was clearing the flagged route.

Was a decent day weather wise, though I did run out the raindrops on the way down the mountain.  As I got back to the lot at Woodland Valley, the heavier rain started.  Thankfully I wasn't walking in soggy clothes and boots.

One benefit of walking another 3/4 of a mile or south northward on the ridge was I got to see what is probably the best view along the entire ridge.  The vista is an open area (looks like an old forest fire scar) that gives you at least a 270 degree vista from the summit of Wittenberg all the way around to the Ashokan Reservoir.  It really is a tremendous view and what is most amazing is the amount of wilderness that you see.  For all that the view encompasses, you see very few buildings, roads or other developments.  For the most part you just see mountains and unbroken forests.

Summit of Wittenberg

Looking north along route of new trail

Looking north

For more detail on the hike up the Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide Trail from Woodland Valley, check out the entry for the original resupply hike to the camp.

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