News: Breakneck Ridge Trail's Trailhead - America's busiest trailhead?

Strike it up as busy for what has dubbed "America's Most Popular Trail," and what could also be called America's Busiest Trailhead.  This video shows just how busy the Breakneck Ridge Trailhead is on an average weekend day (can you imagine a holiday weekend!).

The Trail Conference, thanks to its new Trail Stewards program, estimates that somewhere in the range for 2,000 people a week hike this trail (with the vast majority of them doing it on the weekend).

The Trail Conference, in cooperation with NYS Parks, has hired two seasonal, part-time Trail Stewards to work at the Breakneck Ridge Trailhead. The Stewards man a booth at the base of the trail and hike the trail, helping hikers and visitors as they arrive and educating and helping hikers as they make their way up the rocky, open scramble that is the Breakneck Ridge Trail (in 3/4 of a mile the trail climbs 1,200 vertical feet, almost all on an open rock ridge).

For more information about the Trail Steward Program:

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Detailed hiking maps are available for the East Hudson/Hudson Highlands Region.  This map set includes all of the trails in the Breakneck Ridge Trail and Hudson Highlands State Park area.