News: Trail Stewards come to the Hudson Valley's Breakneck Ridge

This past weekend, the Trail Conference began staffing what has been called "America's Most Popular Trail" with seasonal, part time Trail Stewards.  For the remaining Summer and Fall weekends, these new Breakneck Ridge Trail Stewards will be helping hikers.

Starting this Saturday and Sunday, the Trail Stewards will be staffing a table along Route 9D at the foot of the Breakneck Ridge Trail, or hiking along the trail, sharing info about how to hike safely while respecting this great natural resource in the Hudson Highlands.

The Stewards will be sharing photos and experiences via the Trail Conference Twitter account ( Follow it to keep up with weekend news from Breakneck.

The Trail Conference is pleased to be working with Hudson Highlands State Park on this project to connect with hikers right on the trail and improve the trail experience for everyone.

Trail Conference's Trail Steward Announcement

For more information on trails and hiking in the East Hudson Region

Detailed hiking maps are available from the Trail Conference for the East Hudson Region.  This map set includes all of the trails in the Breakneck Ridge Trail and Hudson Highlands State Park area.