News: New Catskills Trail Conditions Web Page for Hikers in the Catskill Mountains

Unlike the Adirondacks, the NYSDEC does not maintain a Trail Conditions Page for the Catskills, so the Trail Conference, as part of its Catskills Region Community Trails Program has started its own Trail Conditions and Trail Status page.  While the page strives to report on all important trail conditions, because of the ever changing nature of the Catskill Park and its conditions, the information is updated as often as possible with as much detail as possible.  However it is impossible to report on the individual condition of all 300+ miles of trail in the Catskills.  Because of that, the page provides links to the NYSDEC Forest Rangers who can provide detailed on the ground information.

For the latest information on trails in the Catskill Park and the Catskill Mountain Region:

A nice feature is the feedback option, either via a trail report form or an email directly to the regional staff that lets you provide on the ground feedback regarding trail conditions.  This information is then used to update the Trail Updates page, is passed along to agency partners and is used by volunteers to tackle any trail problems that are identified.

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Catskill TrailsCheck out our Catskill Mountain Information Page for hikes, advice, travel and planning information.  Need a hiking map for your hikes in the Catskills?  We recommend the Trail Conference's Catskills Trails 6-Map Set.  These maps are some of the best available for hiking and outdoor adventures in the Catskills and the Catskill Park.  How about a guidebook?  Both AMC and ADK publish trail guides to the Catskill Region and thAdventures in the Outdoors Bookstore carries many more books and maps for hiking and exploring the Catskill Mountain region.

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