News: 2nd Edition of Walkable Westchester Now Available

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The best guide to the outdoors of Westchester just got even better, as Walkable Westchester, an indispensable guide to hiking and walking in Westchester County parks and preserves, is now available in a new second edition. The new edition has information on more than 600 miles of trails in over 200 parks, preserves, and sanctuaries, and is the latest addition to the offerings of guidebooks and maps published by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.

Walkable Westchester is the creation of Jane and Walt Daniels, Westchester residents who are long-time hikers, trail designers and builders, and open-space advocates. The original idea for the book came about when, unable to find a hiking guide exclusive to Westchester, they decided to create one themselves. They thought the task would involve about 70 to 80 parks and about 200 to 250 miles of trail. Eight years later, in 2009, they came out with the first edition and let readers in on a secret: there a lot of open public space in Westchester and, no matter where you live, some of it is close by.

The book covers a wide variety of walking, from level, paved pathways to narrow woodland trails. The environments range from salt-water wetlands to rock outcroppings. So for any kind of walking in Westchester, whether a suburban mom looking for a paved path or a veteran hiker out for a day-long trek, this book is the perfect companion. 

Full information on the release from the Trail Conference: New, Updated Walkable Westchester Now Available