News: Support NY & NJ Trails this Giving Tuesday

It's often easy to assume that trails just happen, but that's simply not true.  The building, maintenance and care of trails and open space is done by an army of volunteers supporting small park staffs in many areas, including the trails of New York and New Jersey.  The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference alone maintains over 2,100 miles of trails in this area and volunteers put in over 75,000 hours a year (representing $1,950,000 worth of donated labor)!  All that work can't happen on its own, they need the support of those who use and enjoy the trails.

One way to provide that support is to take part in the Giving Tuesday event that the Trail Conference is running between Tuesday, November 25 and Tuesday, December 2.  This year your Giving Tuesday donation at the Trail Conference will go further thanks to a generous anonymous donor.  All gifts made during the eight days of the promotion will be matched 2-to-1. That means, when you give $50 toward the challenge, your gift will be matched with $100.
A great aspect to the promotion is you can generally support trails throughout New York and New Jersey or you can target your donation to the specific region you love (we love the Catskills!).  No matter where you direct your donation, the trails and the volunteers who give them plenty of TLC win.

Love Trails!