News: 2015 Catskill Park Awareness Day in Albany, NY

You can join the Trail Conference, the Catskill Park Coalition, a number of other organizations and non-profits, and concerned citizens and volunteers in Albany to support the Catskill Park, the Catskill Forest Preserve while raising awareness about the importance of this region on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 from 10am to 4pm at the New York State Capital!

Attendees from the 2014 Awareness Day
All are welcome to join the team as they work to educate lawmakers about the importance of the Catskill Park and the Catskill Forest Preserve to local communities and to New York State.

As part of the day, you will be part of a series of teams visiting legislators and raising awareness. As a team member, you will have an opportunity to tell the legislators why the Catskills are important to you and why the work the Trail Conference, the Catskill Conservation Corps and many other groups do in the region is so important and should be supported.

The Trail Conference is a member of the the Catskill Park Coalition and serves on its steering committee. The Coalition is an alliance of like-minded groups committed to working together to broaden public appreciation for the Catskill Park and seek additional resources to enhance, maintain, and make available to the public the extraordinary opportunities the Park and its surroundings offer and can offer.

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