News: NJ Senate Bill Threatens Weekly Day of Safe Hiking During Hunting Seasons in New Jersey

New Jersey Senate Bill 699, which would allow hunting on Sundays in season, was  passed by the NJ Senate Energy and Environment Committee on January 12, 2015  for consideration by the full Senate.

Under current New Jersey law hunting has been banned on Sundays, providing a safe haven for all recreationalists such as hikers, dog walkers, bird watchers, and more.  If you are interested in protecting your right to hike and recreate safely at least one day a week during hunting seasons in New Jersey, it is critical that we take action against this bill.

How to make your voice heard
(Thanks to the Trail Conference for providing the resources below)

Below are resources to help you make a difference. Be sure to contact your local state Senator using the talking points below, and pass the word on to any other hikers you know.
Click here to view the bill (PDF)

Suggested Talking Points for Hikers

  • Eliminating Sunday as a hunting-free day caters to a small group of outdoor recreationalists while jeopardizing the enjoyment and safety of the rest of the outdoor community.
  • As a hiker, I deserve the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without the sound of gunfire and the risk of being shot. I also advocate on behalf of the bird watchers, trail runners, mountain bikers, and other outdoor recreationalists who would have their only safe opportunity to hike in the woods eliminated by this proposed bill.
  • Please keep the ban on Sunday hunting so that all New Jersey residents have at least one day a week during hunting season to access the outdoors in a safe, enjoyable manner.

Make your views known

  • Click here to find the Senator for your district and contact them in opposition to this bill using the talking points above: 
  • Contact the bill's sponsor, Senator Joseph Kyrillos, and let him know the bill's impact on hikers, a constituency that greatly outnumbers hunters.
  • Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper, including: The Record (Bergen County, NJ):

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Spread the word. Share these links and this info with your friends, neighbors, and organizations you belong to.


  1. I believe the proposed bill only affects Sunday hunting on State Wildlife management areas, also commonly referred to as public hunting grounds which were bought and subsidised byhunter fees AND private property. In the latter case it would be up to the private landowner to allow or disallow hunting of any sort. I have approached hikers, etc. on numerous occasions on private land during hunting season and they have no idea whose land they are on and really don't seem to care. It seems they feel they have the right to go wherever and whenever thry please in their pursuit of enjoyinfg nature.


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