News: Call for Art at the Catskill Interpretive Center

The CIC is located at 5096 Route 28 in the Village of Mt. Tremper
The Catskill Center has recently announced a Call for Art for sculpture which will be displayed at the outdoor sculpture park at the Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center (CIC), located on Route 28. Art selected by the jury will be on display for one year beginning in early July 2016.

Sculptors interested in exhibiting their work in the 2016-2017 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition should submit a proposal by April 1 to Katie Palm at the Catskill Center, A jury of artists, art organization leaders, and community members will select pieces for the exhibit. The guidelines for submitting proposals can be downloaded from the Catskill Center.  Questions regarding the CIC Outdoor Sculpture exhibit can be addressed to Katie Palm at (845) 586-2611.

The CIC is a partnership between the Catskill Center and the New York State DEC with major support from New York City DEP, Catskill Watershed Corporation, other local non-profit organizations.  The Catskill Center manages and operates the CIC. The CIC boasts beautiful meadows and a nature trail through wetlands, over hills, and along the banks of the Esopus. The Interpretive Center hosts a three dimensional topographic map of the region as well as interactive touch panels to help visitors and residents alike plan a visit to the Catskill Park and Forest Preserve.

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