News: Recently Re-Released - The Catskill Forest: A History by Michael Kudish

What many consider the guide to the history of the Catskill Forests has been recently re-released in paperback -- The Catskill Forest, A History by Michael Kudish.  Not only has this important work been published once again, it now includes a fully updated full-color map!

Used copies of the original hardcover edition sell for hundreds of dollars on Amazon, but you can get the re-released paperback version with an updated map for only $55 through the Catskill Center.

The Catskill Center has worked with the publisher to re-release the book and is currently the only distributor of the re-released paperback version.  By purchasing The Catskill Forest: A History from the Catskill Center you are not only supporting a local author and publisher, but one of the oldest and most important conservation organizations in the Catskills.

Purchase The Catskil Forest: A History by Michael Kudish from the Catskill Center

From the publisher:

"Rarely, a guide to understanding a classic American landscape comes along. The Catskill Forest: A History is Michael Kudish's account of his life-long pursuit of how climate, soils, plant biology, and people have affected the Catskill forest since the last glacier retreated 10,000 years ago. It's all here: Native Americans, European settlement and agriculture, early forest industries. Dr. Kudish guides us into the mountain ranges one by one. Pick your favorites--Slide, Bearpen, Peekamoose, Kaaterskill High Peak, Shokan High Point. Go out on the trails. Explore the long history of connection between the Catskills and the people fortunate enough to inhabit or visit these enchanted mountains." --Morton S. Adams, MD, Olive Natural Heritage Society and Catskill Institute for the Environment

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If you are looking for more information about the extensive history of the Catskill Mountains and the Catskill Park, we would suggest reading The Catskills, From Wilderness to Woodstock and The Catskill Park, Inside the Blue Line. For the most comprehensive natural history of the Catskill Park and the Forests of the Catskill region, we recommend reading The Catskill Forest, a History by Michael Kudish.