Hiking: Updates from Storm's Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike

Getting started on the AT just north of
Springer Mountain
Storm hit the Appalachian Trail on Wednesday, April 6, 2016 and has a few days of hiking under his belt already. He's hiking with Sharon (just recently named Trooper on the trail) and their goal is to thru hike the AT.  We will be following them as they hike north, posting updates and joining in with them when we can get away from our day jobs!

Day #1

We begin! Sharon and I got driven up to the parking area on Springer Mt. We walked up to the summit with Jeff and his dad. Took a lot of pics and walked back to the parking area. Sharon geared up as I already had my pack on and we said our goodbyes. I gotta say that was one of the hardest things I have ever done. This is going to be just as hard on Jeff as it is me. He is the most wonderful person I know and his support in this is beyond me. We walked the 1.8 miles to the shelter and arrived at 4:30. Everyone said go slow hike short miles and take your time. So we are! We are gonna ease Sharon into big miles. The loft in the shelter was open so Sharon and I decided to jump for it. It was Sharon and I and 15 other guys. All very friendly. We met a man with a dog named olive. Three guys from Vermont and a man from British Columbia. Sharon made Mac and Cheese for her dinner and I ate a bunch of bagged nuts, fruit bars etc to get the loose food down. We crawled up into the loft at around 7 for relax time before bedtime around 8 or 9. We are shooting for Hawk Mt shelter tomorrow. This would give us a 5.4 mile day.

Sharon and I are chugging along. After a night of severe thunderstorms from 9-11 we finally fell asleep. Thank god we choose the loft in the shelter. Many wet tents this am in the 50 mph gust. We met a pup named olive tonight. She looked just like sandy. Ok break over.. Back to it.

Day #2

We have arrived at Hawk Mt shelter at around 2:30. Sharon did tremendous today though she will say she's slow. We did some ups and downs gaining 700 feet in elevation and then loosing it. We set up shop in the shelter again as the forecast is for rain showers. The group here was much friendlier than last night. Met a ton of great people. My stove is a hit. Woot!! The plan is 7.7 miles tomorrow to Gooch mountain lean-to. We have to climb sassafras mt. and Justus mt. Tomorrow will be our toughest day yet. Chores and dinner done. Now bed almost.

Day #3

Quick update. We made it. Did 7.7 miles two mountains and 4 knolls many ups and downs... I showed Sharon all of your messages

Chores and dinner done. We were able to grab a spot in the shelter. THANK YOU Kate and crew. We met a bunch of new friends, Phillip and bug juice. Great group of people. Lights out. 9pm is hiker midnight. Sharon did get her trail name today. "Trooper". When she was crawling on her hands and knees to get over a rock incline with me trying to help her Kate and her crew came up behind her and said boy your a trooper. Well it stuck. I'm storm and she's trooper and together we're storm trooper. Lol lol. We had a good laugh. Night all!

Day #4

Morning all. Wow, cold and windy night. Low of 34 and 40 mph winds. We were warm but when the wind hit the back of the shelter underneath the shelter is open and the winds blow up through the cracks and brrrrr. We had branches landing on the shelter all night Sharon is recharged for today and we are going the 5 miles to woody gap for the free shuttle to the hiker hostle. Shower time. Will update tonight. Hope this wind dies does

We made it to woody gap. Sharon was hurting. I dumped my bag and ran back for her. We had our first trail magic with a day hiker giving us fruit. When we arrived we had our first "real" trail magic. A group of guys were doing a bbq for all thru hikers... Hot dogs and chips... Wooooooo. We got the free shuttle to suchess... Yes!!!! More later. We have hiked 21+ miles since springer.

We have checked in at the wolfpack country store. We have our clothes washing. Bought a bunch of resupply food. Unpacked and set up our bunks. TOOK A SHOWER!!! Boy did we stink after 4 days in the woods. We just sat in the country store and bought a mega pizza and split it. We will be warm tonight as the low will go down to 25.

Storm will be posting regular updates from the AT on his Trail Journal.

You can also follow him on his Facebook Page, Moe Hikes the Appalachian Trail.

Storm is also working to raise money for charity as he hikes the Appalachian Trail. He currently has a GoFundMe campaign that is supporting the work of the Catskill Center to protect and preserve the Catskills and the Catskill Park, where Storm lives, enjoys the outdoors and volunteers! Help him Hike for the Catskills!

For more information about the Appalachian Trail

You can visit the National Park Service's Appalachian Trail Park Page, which features a link to the AT brochure and map.  Guides and maps are produced and sold for the AT as it passes through each State between Georgia and Maine.  There are several books including the Thru-Hike Planner, the AT Guidebook, the AT Thru Hiker Companion and the Data Book to name just a few that can help hikers who are planning on hiking the entire AT or sections of it.