Platte Clove Outlook - Catskill Mountains, NY - 2/14/09

We spent Saturday afternoon doing a quick walk out through the Platte Clove Preserve to a viewpoint over Platte Clove. It’s probably about 2 miles round trip and it’s a fairly easy bushwhack since it seems that the Hutterian Brethren (a local religious community nearby) has beat out an unofficial trail to the site.

The view is quite tremendous though as you are pretty much standing at the head of Platte Clove and look right down the clove and into the Hudson Valley.

Platte Clove Preserve Hike
Platte Clove Preserve Hike
Platte Clove Preserve Hike
I've done the trip before, but it's always a nice walk.

There are more photos over in my Flickr set for Platte Clove.

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